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Wednesday, July 24



CogAT Ability Profiles: What They Mean and How to Use Them D251FULLJasmine Patel Depth and Complexity:Upping Your Inquiry Game for Student Mastery D270FULLJoe Russell From Personality Profiles to Classroom Success D252FULLKenneth Stampe Work Smarter Not Harder D253FULLGrace Griffith Power of Peer Observations D254FULLJessica Blackburn Anchor Charts are More Than Just Pretty Posters! D263FULLLakesha Mitchell Gamification with Technology D262FULLLauren Martinez GIFs as Formative Assessments D273FULLMary Theresa Andrews Intro to District Garden Resources D272FILLING iWork with iPads D260FULLMorgan Cave The Ramped-Up Read Aloud: What to Notice as You Turn the Page D261FILLINGVanessa Hartigan Writing for Everyone - Making Writer's Workshop Fun D271FULLJennifer Morgan Better Than Carrots or Sticks- Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management Part 2 RHS AuditoriumLIMITEDDominique Smith Keys to Effective Communication B114FILLINGKaren Nix Digital Badging with G Suite B117FULLChrista Harker Interactive Word Walls for Middle School Classrooms 6-8 A211LIMITEDSelena Wilson Kagan Strategies: Cooperative Learning B115FILLINGTommy Lamberth Linking the G's to Instruction B110FULLColleen Bardsley Questioning Strategies for the Secondary ELAR Classroom A210FILLINGLindsay Mikulas Sitting is the New Smoking - Movement increases Learning B111FILLINGKellie Sellers Trauma Informed Care B109FULLMichelle Gonzalez Gerth Coaching Feedback Practice Lab B105LIMITEDAngela Guesby Make Data Work Through the Lens of the PLC B200LIMITEDJennifer Smith At-Bats: The I do, We do, You do B202FILLINGRebecca Herrera CODING to Support K-2 Writers and Storytellers B201FULLAlicia Woodfin Common Sense Media: Engage Students & Enrich Learning With Technology B204FULLSamantha Hernandez Double Dipping B203FILLINGKarlene Jolly Grantwriting 101 B206LIMITEDGeorge Hademenos It's NOT Facebook (What Schoology can do for your classroom) B205FILLINGBettye Wiley IXL- How to use to meet the 4 PLC Questions B207FULLKim Remphrey Surfing the Wakelet Wave B208LIMITEDLydia Croupe The DBQ Project B209LIMITEDJennifer McCaffity Word Power: The Foundation for Reading and Writing Workshop B211FILLINGKristen Fisher America To Me G210FILLINGAngie Lee Crucial Conversations: Race and Identity G218FILLINGJeremy Jewitt Culturally Responsive Teaching with the EL in Mind G209FULLNakenya Sneed The Danger of a Single Story G112FULLSandra Moore, Ed. D. Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners G207LIMITED AVID Day 1 G211



Design DI - Using CAP Activities for Process Differentiation D251FULLJasmine Patel I Cannot Tell A Lie...I Need To Learn To Multiply A209FULLJulie Teague Educator Self-Care: How YOUR Behavior Affects THEIRS D253FILLINGErica Williams Building a Positive PLC Culture - The PLC Remodel D254FILLINGHeather Scott Designing Enrichment for MATH D263FULLSara Mooney Flip & Excel D262FULLkaty mcdonald Make Engaging Teaching Tools, Timers and More with Tech D273FULLKelley Andrews Secondary Classroom Management in a 1:1 Environment D272FILLINGCamile Parker The Rigor Trajectory and Instructional Alignment Checks D260FILLINGRoxxy Griffin Wake...What? D261LIMITEDMeredith Schnick Restorative Practices through a Lens of Social and Emotional Learning Media CenterFULLDominique Smith All In Learning: Engage All Students ⚬ Act on the Data ⚬ Reach Every Kid B117FILLINGLauren McMillian Feedback:The Breakfast of Champions A211FULLJill Hickey Pear Deck in the Classroom B115FULLSarah Song Put a Lock on It! B114FILLINGEboni Udenze Becoming a Culturally Responsive Science Educator B110FILLINGLakesha Mitchell Redefining Classroom Management Like a Pro A210FULLMichelle Gonzalez Gerth The Dangers of Smoking, E-cigs, & Vaping B111FILLINGJessica Haas 1st Year Coaching Panel Discussion B109LIMITEDAustin Aeschbacher Game Changer: Book Access for All Kids B107FILLINGJudy Boone I'm a Google Girl in a Google World B105FILLINGLydia Croupe I've got the H.O.T.S for you: teaching Social Studies Beyond the Facts B200LIMITEDAnne Marie Yarborough Inquiry + Applets = Magic B202LIMITEDTobi Brooks Making Note-taking an AVID Part of Learning B201LIMITEDKATIE SHOWALTER News and Media Literacy From Common Sense Media: Building Critical Consumers and Creators B204LIMITEDSamantha Hernandez Phase Your Way Through Planning B203LIMITEDAngela Guesby Pump Up Your Engagement! B206FILLINGAshley Carter Putting Class in a Blender: Online Courses through Schoology B205LIMITEDLauren Hawkins The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Repeated Disciplinary Action G217FULLKellie Gray-Smith No Fear School Garden Success G102LIMITED Why SEL? G218FULLSuzanne Tsatsoulas 7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom G108FILLINGMaria Seid Conducting Writing Conferences: Focus on Feedback G112LIMITEDLindsay Mikulas Cultivating Leadership G208LIMITEDKaren Nix Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive for Grades 3-5 G100LIMITEDTracy Sloper Handwriting Without Tears: Print for K-1 Teachers G114FULLRoxanne Thompson Implementing Reading & Writing Workshop in the 6-8 Grade Classroom G219LIMITEDAndrea Coachman Jump into Culture G223FILLINGCarol Davies Putting Classroom Libraries to Work: Developing a Reading Identity for Students & Educators G221LIMITEDAshleigh Osborne Setting Up and Managing the Workshop Model for ELAR/SLAR Instruction G216FILLING Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners G207LIMITED Got Ethics? G214FILLINGNatalie Crow Exploring the New ELAR/SLAR TEKS Through the TRS Lens G203FULL Exploring the New ELAR/SLAR TEKS Through the TRS Lens G201FULL New SLAR TEKS G212FULLEmma Selig





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